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What Are People Saying?

"I want to thank you for the great experience I had on the retreat. I have been trying to discipline myself each day to retreat to silence and solitude even here at home. It is much harder at home with the busyness of life, but I have been making time to sit with God and pray with a mind to listen."
– woman from Levittown, PA –

"Thank you for the great opportunity to reconnect with God. As someone who didn't know anyone going into this experience, along with the fact that I wasn't as far down the 'spiritual path' as the others, I was a little apprehensive. But everyone made me feel genuinely welcomed and put me at ease. I had a great experience and truly connected with God in a tangible way that I am still processing."
– woman from Clarks Summit, PA –

"Thank you for a good time of retreat. I knew it would be helpful but I guess I didn't realize just how much
I needed and still need time away to process and heal."

 – man from Lancaster, PA –

"Although we were a group of people from different geographic locations, spiritual backgrounds, and spanning a few decades in age, I felt connected to the others by the desire that drew us there. I felt the direction given to us during our group time together was thought provoking and applicable to all of us, no matter where we were on our spiritual journey. It was amazing to me how God, true to His promise, met each one of us right where we were."
– woman from Dalton, PA –

"Thanks for a great weekend. I look forward to how God is going to do unbelievable things through you and those around you in the coming years."
– man from Painesville, OH –

"Not a day has gone by thus far where I have not thought about the retreat. I have been on others, but have never had someone intentionally 'guide' my time. What a difference it made! It was a collision of my heart with God's."
– pastor from western New York State –

"The entire process felt divine. God just peeled away the layers of defense some of which I did not even know I had."
– woman from Clarks Summit, PA –

What are people saying?