The Jacob Institute

The Jacob Institute

Ministry Partners

Ministry Partners

Who are Ministry Partners?

  • Believes in the Mission and Vision of The Jacob Institute.
  • Willing to promote retreat opportunities, small group opportunities, and enrollment in The Jacob Academy to your congregation/clientele.
  • Ready to pray for retreatants during retreat weekends and students in The Jacob Academy as they come to mind.
  • Agreeable to put a link to The Jacob Institute website on your church/organization website.
  • Willing to have your church/organization name listed on The Jacob Institute’s website as a "Ministry Partner."
  • Willing to make available marketing material for The Jacob Institute to your congregations/clientele.
  • Ready to embrace the spirit of partnership rather than competition.

Crossroads Church, Clarks Summit, PA

Jamie Overholser, Collin Maina (pastors)

The Grove Church, Scranton, PA

Scott Hall, Michael Hauser, Jeremy Michaels (pastors)

Haven Counseling of PA, Clarks Summit, PA

Linda Strain, Founder and Counselor

Restored Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Dan Nichols, Tim Walker (pastors)

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